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Picture This: Lambert

An Adam Lambert and Friends Fanfiction Challenge

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Name:Picture This: Lambert
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Picture This: Lambert

Welcome to Picture This: Lambert, a monthly fanfiction challenge centering on Adam Lambert and his ~circle. On the first of each month, a picture prompt will be posted, and writers will have until the 25th to write 300 words or more of fanfiction based on the prompt. Occasionally, we will have contests. These will run as normal, except at the end of fic posting, the members of the community will vote for their favorite entry, and the winner will get to choose the next picture prompt. Voting will run from the 26th until the 28th, and will be open to members only.

This community was based on [ profile] picturethis_mcr, whose creator, [ profile] slashxyouxup, graciously gave permission for adaptation.


1 - NO DRAMA. No bashing, no wanking, no flaming, no personal attacks.
2 - All people in Adam Lambert's "sphere" are welcome, as are all ships.
3 - Fanfiction only. Posts that are unrelated to the challenges will not be allowed without permission.
4 - Please label all fics appropriately. If you need it, just copy and paste the following header code, then adapt it to your needs:

5 - You may either post your fic directly to the community or link from your journal. DO NOT LINK TO FRIENDS-LOCKED POSTS. If you wish to keep your fic f-locked, post it directly to the comm. Any fic posts linking to friends-locked entries will be deleted without notice. And always - ALWAYS use a LJ-cut when posting.
6 - All entries must be complete. There's no limit to how much you may write, but all stories must be complete.
7 - During contest months, you may submit no more than three pieces to each challenge. If you wish to write more, that's fine--more than welcome, in fact--but only three will be judged.
8 - Have fun! The rules are here to keep things running smoothly, not to make things difficult. This should be a happy, supportive, friendly community, where all writers in the fandom are welcome, no matter their skill level or interests.

[ profile] picturethis_mcr
[community profile] lambertdaily
[ profile] glam_gen/[community profile] glam_gen
[ profile] glam_100/[community profile] glam_100

If you would like to be an affiliate, contact [personal profile] argylepiratewd.

Your moderation team is maintainer [personal profile] argylepiratewd and moderator [personal profile] xglitterbabyx. If you have any questions or experience any issues related to the community, contact one of us, and we will deal with the situation ASAP.
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